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Classes 2014

#1 – Basic Fused Glass –$100.00, materials $35.00

Explore the magic of fused glass.  Learn how to cut, fuse, and slump your glass.  Make a total of three basic projects to take home.

#2 - Wind Chimes & Sun Catchers - $50.00, materials $30.00

Create a beautiful fused glass wind chime and hang it on a piece of unique driftwood. You will also make 2 Sun Catchers to hang in your window or on the summer patio.

#3 – Dichroic Pendants - $65, materials $20.00

Have fun creating 4 beautiful pieces of jewelry to wear or to give as gifts.

#4 – Advanced Fused Glass - $100, materials $50.00
(Pre-Requisite-Basic Fused Glass)

In this class you will be making your choice of 2 of the following: 12” square bowl, 3 pc Sushi Set, 15” rectangular serving platter or 14” round serving platter.

#5 - Fun with Frit - $50, materials $15.00

(3hrs) Make a 12” bowl using sheet glass and frit (crushed glass) to create a stunning effect.
#6 - Fused Glass Clocks - $55, materials $20.00

Make a beautiful unique clock for your home. All materials supplied.

#7 - The Teaser - $55.00, materials $15

Get your feet wet and learn a little about fused glass by making a Dichroic Pendant, a 5x5 dish and a Sun Catcher. Enough to catch your attention and leave you wanting more.

#8 - Fused Glass Christmas Ornaments - $50, materials $10.00 (3 hrs)

Make 6 various designed Christmas tree ornaments to show off to family and friends this year.

#9 - Kiln Carving in Fused Glass - $40, materials $20.00 (2 1/2 hrs)

Make a 10x10 plate by cutting your design out of fibre paper and then use it as your design to fuse into glass.

All prices are subject to increases.

Class Materials fee is payable to instructor at time of class. Includes glass, thin fire, supplies and tools necessary. Min class size is 2 and tax is applicable.

Class times and days are set to suit your schedule, or you can join an already scheduled class.

Call us at 604-615-6902 to discuss further.